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We specialize in all US tax issues that affect you as a private individual, from income tax to inheritance and gift taxes.

So please contact us if your topic is not listed here. The subject areas shown represent only a small selection of our range of advice.

US citizens/ taxpayers with dual citizenship

US citizenship (also dual US citizenship) automatically leads to US taxation as US Resident, regardless of where you live or work. We specialize in US tax advice and US tax returns and information returns for taxpayers who live abroad (especially in Germany, Austria or Switzerland).

We will carefully analyze the options that are optimal for you and avoid double taxation when preparing your US tax return.

Benefit from our more than 10 years of specialization in US tax matters to avoid unnecessary overtaxation or even double taxation.

Green Card Holders

Are you a US Green Card holder?  From the day the Green Card is activated, the holder of a US Green Card is automatically subject to US tax, regardless of his or her place of residence.

We are specialized in preparing US tax returns and information returns for Green Card holders and, if necessary, to exercise elections derived from double taxation agreements.

Amnesty procedure for subsequent declarations

Many taxpayers have never filed US tax returns or FBARs due to ignorance, false information or other reasons.

This particularly affects many who were born in the USA but have never worked or earned income there, but live and work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Various amnesty programs of the US tax authorities are available for the adjustment of the tax situation in the USA and subsequent filing of tax returns. It is of utmost importance for the recognition of the amnesty and the associated remission of penalties that the correct or appropriate procedure is chosen.

We are specialized in exactly such case constellations, and in the past years we have advised several hundreds of clients in this situation and successfully accompanied them into the appropriate amnesty program. All amnesty applications submitted by us have been accepted without exception.

Exit Tax: Expatriation from USA or return of the Green Card

We advise you on the tax implications if you relinquish your US citizenship or your Green Card. In such cases the “Exit Tax” may apply.

We are specialized in rendering the related tax advice and preparation of Form 8854, Initial and Annual Expatriation Statement.

Investors / Income from USA

If you own US real estate or receive income from the USA (e.g. as a partner in a US partnership), we can advise you and prepare the necessary US tax returns for you.

International Assignments and taxpayers moving from Germany to the USA or from the USA to Germany

International Assignments and moves can lead to very complex tax situations because the taxation right is divided between two or more countries. Therefore, there are many tax pitfalls in such situations, but there are also many opportunities for optimization. Benefit from our more than 10 years of experience in international tax consulting

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